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Shooting the ship on all things trade with Andy and Lalo

Do you find yourself randomly classifying products… when you are not at work?

Does the reason why you jump out of bed every morning have anything to do with validating your supply chain to insure trade compliance?

Did you sit in your favorite chair with a glass of wine, paging through the latest regulations and thought to yourself, ‘what a great way to spend my free time’?

If any of these apply to you, then you are very likely a ‘trade geek’… that is why we created Simply Trade just for you.

Your hosts, Andy and Lalo have a combined 60+ years in the industry. Covering everything from logistics to technology. There is so much to learn with the ever-evolving world of trade.

We’ve invited some friends over to our podcast to simply ’shoot the ship’ on all things trade. So join us every week as we discuss current and important trade topics with experts in their field who are passionate about helping you succeed!

You’ll never run out of things to learn when it comes to trading goods across international borders.

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